Kite Fantastic Team Riders

Kite-Fantastic team riders:

Andrew Goodricke, aka Woody - Team Captain

Woody has been involved with Kite-Fantastic for some time now. He was one of the 16 who went with us on our 2005 Iceland expedition and has demonstrated his incredible range of skills there, and on a number of our Black Rock Sands meets. He's a great spokesperson for the sport and is always keen to help out fellow riders. He's also a bit of a joker and has starred in a couple of hilarious, now rather famous, internet movies.

Woody has recently competed in the 2005 X-Zone series of events, and his results have been improving in each round. Every time he goes out on his board he tries to learn a new trick or two, so he just keeps on getting better and better.

Woody is also currently sponsored by kitemarket.com who provide his kites.

Woody's stats:

Kites: Peter Lynn Guerilla II 9m
Peter Lynn Venom 13m
Peter Lynn Phantom 18m
Peter Lynn Venom 19m
Flexifoil Bullet 3.5 (for the gf)
Boards: Land: Kitedeck. 11ply/Blue Revos/medium elastomers (changing to soft the next time he opens them up)
Sea: Slingshot Doyle 122,
Snow: Burton Clash 153/K2 Zepplin 152.
Other Bits: North Shore Freestyle Pro harness
Dakine – Tabu harness
Ozone Chicken-Loop
Age: 25
Height: 5’7”
Weight: Doesn't know (or wouldn't say!!)
Marital Status: Single (not really, but the ladies like to think so ;)
Video: Woody - 1Mb - Right-Click and choose Woody's short piece of advice to any kids out there

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Photo: Kite-Fantastic ©2005

Woody in action.
Photo: Jen ©2005

More photos and some videos of Woody are available here...

Dave Roberts, aka Stupid Dave

Winner of the double-sponsorship competition offered in Summer 2005 by Kite-Fantastic and Action Pact.

Dave is one of the best known, talented and friendliest buggy jumpers in the UK, and we're proud to have him as part of our team!

Dave's Stats:

Kites: Flexifoil Blade III: 4m, 4.9m, 6.6m, 8.5m
Buggy: Moded Flexi Freestyle
Board: Kitedeck. 12ply/Blue Revos/Hard elastomers
Other Bits:
Climbing harness with wichard shackle
Body armour, knee pads and helmet
Age: 17
Height: 6'1"
Weight: ~70 kg
Marital Status: Girlfriend
Dave Roberts, aka Stupid Dave

More photos and some videos of Stupid Dave are available here...

Louise Marson

Up and coming landboard pro, Louise is one of the keenest kiters on the planet! Always happy to stop her endless quest to improve, to help out a fellow kiter. She's been on a number of Kite-Fantastic meets and we look forward to her coming to a lot more!!!

Louise's Stats

Kites: 7m frenzy 05
10m frenzy 05
Board: Land: MBS Core 16 '04
Other Bits: Pro Limite Pure Girl Kiteseat
661 DJ Pro pads 
Age: 23
Height: 5' 7"
Marital Status: Single
Louise Marson, aka Louise Marson

More photos and some videos of Louise Marson are available here...

Richard Lowe, aka RiderInPink aka :)

Richard is a very focused landboarder, always working hard to improve. Spins and footouts over land are now second nature - we're looking forward to what's coming next, and we know what he's been working on! Watch this space!!!

Richard's Stats

Kites: Phantom 12m
Mac bego 600
Wild Thing 12m
Board: Land: Core 8 with F3s 
Other Bits: Dakine Tabu ´05, suicide leash (soon)
Latest Trick(s): 1080 Grabs
Tweaked 360 foot outs
Backloop kite loop
One handed 360 invert
Off axis, 360 Indies
Age: 15
Height: 5'8"
Marital Status: Single :p
Articles: Richard's advice on starting out in power kiting, and some things to consider...
Rich Lowe

Richard Lowe, aka RiderInPink

More photos and some videos of Rich Lowe are available here...

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